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Eusebio Sanchez est un artiste céramiste basé à Brighton. Il a obtenu un BA (hons) en design 3D et artisanat de l'Université de Brighton en 2015, et est allé consécutivement au Royal College of art pour étudier un MA en céramique où il a été diplômé en 2017.

Eusebio a remporté le prix FRESH à la British Ceramic Biennial en 2017, en 2018 il a effectué une résidence au Centre international de recherche en céramique au Danemark. Cette année, il a été sélectionné comme l'un des talents émergents pour Hothouse 2019 par le Craft Council et a été l'un des finalistes du Emerging Makers Aberystwyth International Ceramic Festival.

"In my practice I hand build sculptures with the method coiling. I choose to expose the coil, therefore to expose the process that is often hidden in most ceramic work. I champion this process and celebrate the history of craft and ceramics. I find inspiraring the first primitive objects made out of clay from the  'Jomon' period in Japan and my approach to making is influenced by the Bauhaus.


I use the coil as a drawing method, by analogy to how draughtsmen use a pencil. I like to think that I am ‘taking a coil for a walk’, an expression I borrow from Paul Klee’s expression: ‘drawing is taking a line for a walk’. When I am making a piece of work, I know where I want to start and have a notional idea of how I may want it to look like. Frequently the work takes me on a material and narrative journey and as I progress I make decisions to shape the final form different to the one I had in mind. I let the form be, and I let serendipity happen in the search for a new structural complexity.


In a world that is becoming digitalised, I have created a relationship with clay where my hands act like an analogue 3D printer and as a result my sculptures echoes the aesthetic of this technology." - EUSEBIO SANCHEZ

Eusebio Sanchez 'A Convoluted Journey', Ceramic, Glaze & Engobe,155(H)x76(W)x40(D)cm, 2019

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