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"The work of art serves no purpose, so it is indispensable".

We're not a gallery, we're not an agency, we're not middlemen,

We create made-to-measure stories, collections through remarkable works and creations with extraordinary people. Nomadic, curious and daring, we take over spaces in transition. KhaOs is where space meets poetry, where we find a place for the beautiful, the just and the fragile in today's world.



We create tailor-made stories for spaces that are empty, in transition, or in need of rethinking. We select artists, craftsmen, and designers to give meaning to a space and invent new ways of experiencing creation.


The narrative of each exhibition and the level of work of the artists are the absolute priorities for the realization of our events.


Our clients are investment funds, private investors and owners of commercial and office spaces, whether empty or undergoing transformation. So many owners in search of innovative ways to add value to their spaces. Our creations inhabit these spaces and give them meaning.


We are in turn an art gallery, a contemporary art agency, artistic directors and nomads. Our track record enables us to combine the need to add value to spaces with the ability to innovate through creation.


Our ambition is to inhabit these spaces to show art differently. Art must always reinvent its place. Fairs, salons, galleries: these are all places we'd like to forget and invent something else, something different. 


KhaOs is a link between investors, property managers and creators.


Emptiness is our raw material. 

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