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Artist, French



A mosaicist, a child of the '80s, a former advertising executive and a lover of images and objects, Pier Esparre is an heir to the pop-art tradition of the French ready-made.

By confronting the symbols of twentieth- and twenty-first-century popular culture with the ancestral art of mosaic, Esparre expresses the notion of testimony in the sense of heritage, a central concept shared by all his works, like a contemporary archaeology.

For Pier Esparre, mosaics destroy then create, break and glue, a time-consuming practice that requires the sacerdotal repetition of immemorial gestures, and from harmonious chaos, perfect figuration is born.

The choice of mosaic support is the consequence of an accident, the scars of which it still bears today. The conservative modus operandi of the mosaic bears precise witness to the traumatic experience of having a broken body.

Pier Esparre explains:

"I deliberately deify the shoebox, an object of fascination and passion. Nevertheless, this sculpture cannot be reduced to a form of deference that is not without resemblance to religion.



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