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BORN IN 1966,



Seb Janiak is a photographic artist whose work explores the conditions under which opposites can coexist, revealing the visual characteristics of the hidden forces that shape the physical universe. hidden forces that shape the physical universe. He creates images that blend the scientific with the creative, the analytical with the poetic. He lives and works in Paris, France.

At the age of 15, he moved to Los Angeles, where he began his career in the world of design. In the early 90s, he came into contact with a group of now-famous artists, including Michel Gondry. Looking at his photographs, one is surprised by the modification of the digital image, as he uses a technique created by himself in 1988 called "Photographic Matte Painting", in which he tries to insert one or more photographs into the same work, creating a hyper-realistic effect.

While working freelance, he became involved in cutting-edge technology, becoming a pioneer in the field of digital photography. His work brought him worldwide attention, and he branched out into music videos, fashion, photography and, finally, fine art.

His work serves as a photographic bridge between data and creativity. Janiak believes that there is no separation between science and art - the apparent dichotomy is merely a way of conceptualizing the multiple, simultaneous states of being at work in the visible universe.



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